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Success Planning Blueprint

This program is not for everyone, please think it through carefully and decide for yourself if you are ready to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES. We will show you how to THINK ACT COLLECT but… you must be ready to follow the simple steps in the order given with purpose and passion. You need to accept the fact that you must find time in your schedule EVERY week for marketing your business! Your mindset must be open so that you are ready to set the intention to receive success and abundance in your life.Are you ready to PLAY BIG?  

Following is a description of the Coaching Program 

Success Planning

Success Plans
A Success Plan
for your biz, promoting and selling your products and services! We provide the ACTION in promoting and selling YOUR golf biz through a step by step action plan. We show you how to create a WOW factor or really a HOLYCOW I need that program NOW factor. When we create this and people are on a waitlist for you-you will never have to sell anything again! How does that sound? So if we spend some time and effort now to create a brand or culture around you and what you teach, you will never have to listen to or worry about marketing or advertising your product or services again and you can get on with what you love to do -teach! This can all be done in your neighborhood. That deep secret you keep hiding about what & how you really want to teach, that’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Do it, write it down put it on your brochures, website and anywhere else you can find to put it out there so everyone can see it. This is your secret sauce! I know it’s scary to step out, but this is what will make you stand out from the crowd and let you realize your dreams.   

A Referral System
A referral system will be part of YOUR Success Plan. If you can say “if you like my lessons I would appreciate you referring a couple of your friends or associates for lessons” you can create a referral system! Say thanks and for your effort of the referrals; for example “I will put you in my Inner Circle that gets special communications from me and a yearly tournament!” or something like that, make them feel special! We make this customized to you and your business situation. You get the idea. It’s simple you just need to be consistent and follow the referral system we put in place for you! Let your clients advertise for you.  

Social Media Plan
Social Media is part of YOUR Success Plan. Social media is a great tool. The question is how much and how many platforms are necessary? The answer is unique to each business. I will literally hold your hand through this until you are comfortable doing what you need to do. If you have never used any social media before and feel to exposed by it but know you must…I get it. Slow and easy, a little goes a long way here. It is not the be all and end all of marketing, just a small piece and a tool. So I will get you to where you want to be so you are comfortable with it and maybe even enjoy it.   

Create A Signature Teaching Product
This will be the nucleus for your teaching biz. So we give it lots of time and thought. This is often overlooked. You MUST have something you do that is unique to you and your biz. It can be the way you teach, how you teach, when you teach, who you teach, how you charge, a million things. But it must be unique to you, you must be the good at it, consistent and you must be able to communicate it. If you don’t already have a Signature Product we will find yours. A Signature Teaching Product is what you sell; it’s your product, your brand (what you will be known for). All things in your teaching biz will revolve around this product. 

OK for the important stuff …I know what your thinking….HOW MUCH $ will this cost to make me into a golf teaching pro ninja? 

Here’s what you get:

  • We will have lots of one-on-one time. I want to work with you so we can get you into a position of power and make you an Authority in your niche. 


  • A copy of our Proprietary “Turn Your Teaching Biz Into a Cash Machine” marketing plan for golf teaching professionals especially for your teaching biz! This will be your blueprint for your marketing business
  • 4 hours one hour per week of live consultations on Skype with Mitzie Sundberg PGA, MBA and Founder & President of GolfProBizCoach.com
  • UNLIMITED e-mail access to Mitzie during the program

 OK so you’re in? 

How Much?

$1,949.00 USD

“the best ROI is the one you make in yourself”

-Warren Buffett




What are the benefits of this program?

  • You don’t have to figure it out alone
  • You learn to create a solid base for your business
  • You learn how to think about your work as YOUR business
  • You learn to make time to market your business
  • You learn to stop selling hours for dollars and to sell programs
  • You learn that you must know how to sell
  • You create a blueprint for your business
  • You will become a leader and authority in your niche
  • You will be creating the life of your dreams


About Mitzie

With a vision to help others excel in the Business of Golf, Mitzie Sundberg founded Visionary Golf Solutions and GolfProBizCoach in 2009. As a creative visionary with a keen sense for business Mitzie has created a niche for helping Golf Professionals grow their businesses.