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What Are You Really Selling?

ist1_7651615-question-markWhen students and potential students come to you to buy golf lessons, what do you think they really are looking for? Have you thought about why they would come to you and spend a good amount of money and a good amount of time? Do you think it’s because you are a talented technician? A master of the game? Can you teach them “stuff” they can’t learn down the road at the next golf range? Probably not, but those things are a given anyway. Most folks taking lessons are beginners or not very good players and just need help with the grip and other simple things like what each club is used for!  So I ask again: do you know why they come to you for lessons? What is it that they are really looking for when buying lessons?

Well, I have a couple of ideas that may surprise you and hopefully give you food for thought.

People taking golf lessons look for someone that makes them feel good about themselves! The game is so difficult to learn that they MUST get something else out of the lessons than just technical information. Remember, this is their recreational time. No matter how serious you think a golf student is, I assure you they still want something else out of the lesson time than just a to do list. Of course each person will be a little different, but everyone wants to feel good about themselves.

Give your students a well designed moment, it will help you create your brand, and stand out from other instructors in your area AND other recreational options. Give your customers something they don’t expect, give them a reason to refer you.

So for example: A Dad brings his daughter along to watch his lesson (probably with the hope of her wanting to learn the game).  This is your chance to hook him as a life long customer. Give the girl a club and give her some direction along side her Dad, for free. And offer to do it every time. Maybe this Dad was really buying the lesson to do something with his daughter, family time, make that happen for him and you have created a well designed moment. The Dad will repeat the moment to his work friends, his wife etc. No one will go and talk about how great you were with the trackman. They remember how you make them feel. Do something unexpected. Be remarkable. You will get more lessons and more referrals, make more money have more free time, be happier.

Let me know in the comments what moments you have designed that worked magic for you.


  1. I have some clients that winter in FL from Montreal. One day they showed up with their grandson who is 3 years old and wanted him to take his first lesson. I said GREAT Let’s Go!!! Then I learned that the boy only knew French. It took me several minutes but I summoned my eighth grade French education and gave the young boy a basic lesson in French only. It lasted about 15 minutes but I the next time the grandparents came, they told me how he passed up going to the ice cream parlor over the weekend because he wanted to watch the golf on TV instead.

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