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Work With Me


If you have considered needing someone to discuss your golf teaching business with, but felt your little teaching gig was too small to warrant it, you have come to the right place.

YOU are worth it and so is your career!

Right now figuring out how the golf industry is going to shake out, and how you fit into it is a very valid question, and everyone that survives this New Golf World Order will have asked themselves and found the answers.

So having said that; Here are some options how I can contribute to your success.

Here’s how you can contact me and some of the fees and details.

Free Chit- Chat e-mail me and tell me a couple of details about You and sorta what you think you want or need and I will e-mail you back with a time we can chat on skype or over the phone- its FREE (yes it’s FREE) – this is exactly why I created GolfProBizCoach.com, to help as many teaching pros as we can with their business and golf businesses with their teaching pros and teaching programs.


Some Services offered

Free chit chat- I give you some things to think about- you think about them- call me back and we have another Free chit chat- then we decide if you want to go any further or if that helped you enough!

Here are the “things” that I typically help with

Creating a Signature Teaching Product – Taking your strengths and passions and help you create a way/or product to stand out from your competitors and make more money faster.

Complete Review of your business as it is, including your marketing strategy,(yes even a teeny tiny biz should have a strategy) tactics, referral systems, communication (website, blogs, e-mail strategy, social media, mobile tactics, off-line networking) & some more warm and fuzzy stuff

Career Strategy – Basically this is a blueprint of how to get you going, or keep you going on a path that will end up at your goal and give you the things in life you want

“If you don’t know where your going any road will do” (someone smart said that)

We also specialize in helping individual professionals, as well as facilities take advantage of having “lots & lots” of women as their students and at their facilities. How you can attract them, but more importantly how you can make them happy and keep them spending their money with you. Women are the gatekeepers- get to know them!

Facilities and Golf Companies – Typically I engage the owners in looking at the teaching center as a revenue stream and how to use it as its own social networking platform. We show how well trained golf teaching pros can be a huge advantage and how to leverage that advantage.

Contact us for Pricing

About Mitzie

With a vision to help others excel in the Business of Golf, Mitzie Sundberg founded Visionary Golf Solutions and GolfProBizCoach in 2009. As a creative visionary with a keen sense for business Mitzie has created a niche for helping Golf Professionals grow their businesses.